About our Tennis Program

About Melbourne Childrens Tennis Coaching Programs at Bounce and Hit Coaching

Our program is based around movement, co ordination and game situations.
No lines or waiting for your turn, when not involved in the hitting drills the students are constantly in motion on the balance and movement work stations set up behind the court.

The use of quick step ladders, balance pods, hurdles, balance boards and cones assists in teaching specific movement and balance for tennis which enables students to approach the ball more efficiently and create superior shots.

At Bounce and Hit there are 5 progressive levels starting with Junior Discovery then Discover and progressing through to Explore, Establish and Expand.

All levels have a specific modified ball to assist in the development of the students game. The use of modified balls is a must when coaching juniors.
We use 3 types of Low Compression tennis balls which are specially designed for young children when learning how to play tennis.

The red balls (Discover) are larger than normal tennis balls. They are 75mm and also 75% slower than a standard ball. They are ideal for 3 - 7 year olds learning how to hit and track balls.

The orange balls (Explore) are 50% slower than a standard ball and are ideal for 8 - 10 year old juniors starting the game. Also, the two tone felt makes it easy to identify different spins on the ball.

The green balls (Establish) are 25% slower than a standard ball and are great practise balls for 9 year olds plus.